Investor fact sheet

Name: Cashrewards
Business Description: Launched in 2014, Australian-owned and operated, Cashrewards Limited (ASX: CRW) is a cashback-centred ecosystem.
Cashrewards provides over 800,000 members with a broad array of cashback offers in exchange for shopping with more than 1,500 leading brands, both online and in-store.
Cashrewards motivates its members to shop more often and make larger orders making it a preferred partner for a range of leading Australian and international brands.
Business Established: 2014
Listings: Securities are listed under ASX code: CRW.
Registered Office: Level 16, 1 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Board of Directors: Brett Johnson - Independent Non-Executive Chairman
Bernard Wilson - Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Andrew Clarke - Non-Executive Director (non-independent)
Rajeev Gupta - Non-Executive Director (non-independent)
Lauren Williams - Independent Non-Executive Director
Joshua Lowcock - Independent Non-Executive Director
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Auditor: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Share Registry: Link Market Services Limited
Level 12
680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: 8280 7100 (within Australia)
+61 2 8280 7100 (outside Australia)